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Quotes You Will Never Hear Vegeta Saying:

1. "I don't want to fight, I just want to be a normal guy."
2. "Why am I wearing this Sailor Moon outfit?"
3. "Do you have any chapsitck, my lips are cracking."
4. "I've always been secretly attracted to Chichi."
5. "I'm going for the role of James Bond."
6. "I want to have a baby Bulma."
7. "I have an idea, lets all go out and have a picnic together."
8. "Awwww but I dun wanna be a Super Saiyan."
9. "I lost my lollypop."
10. "What?! We've run out of hair gel?! Noooooooooo!"
11. "I love singing in the shower."
12. "Piccolo, you are the best friend ever."
13. "I can do ballet, anyone wanna see me in my pink tutu?"
14. "Go ahead Bura, marry Goten, I'd love Kakarot as a Brother-In-Law."
15. "Where's my pink shirt gone."
16. "OK, who's taken my lip Gloss!?!?!"
17. "Kakarot you should be Prince."
18. "Does my bum look big in this."
19. "Gohan can I adopt you."
20. "Kakarote I need a hug."

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