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Here is a list of what the character name's mean

Buruma - bloomers, japanese for women's underwear/shorts.
Marron - marron, japanese spelling of the french word.
ChiChi - breasts
Pilaf - pilav, japanese for rich dish
Dr. Briefs - men's underwear
Yamcha - "dim sum" in chinese
Chiaotzu - chinese for "gyoza": stickers
Lunch - self-explanatory
Tenshinhan - fried rice
Puar - chinese pun of "puh er" a type of tea
Krillin - japanese for "chestnut"
Oolong - chinese for "wulong": Amber Tea
Videl - "devil"
Mr.Satan - satan
Lucifer - Pun on Satan's angelic name
Muten Roshi - filter paper
Sharpener - a pencil sharpener
Butter - butter
Udo - wood
Supa Man - a pun on the man of steel
Jewel - a shiny rock
Cocoa - cooking ingredient and winter favorite
Killer - murderer, killer
Shura - fighting
Hacchi - a bowl
Ginger - a spice
Udo - wood
Shura - fighting
Supa Man - a pun on the man of steel
Cocoa - cooking ingredient and winter favorite
Hacchi - a bowl
Hasukii - husky, fat
Jewel - a shiny rock
Jinku - Lively song
Kakao - seed used to make cocoa
Killer - murderer, killer
Bun - Pun on a type of bread
Butter - butter
- NEW -Emi - Japanese for smile
Dr. Kori - koori is Japanese for ice
Dr. Kochin - kouchin means wages or pay
Captain Chicken - Pun on his name came from the fact that he ran away after seeing Vegeta's strength
Akkuman - Aku meaning evil
Dr. Willow - Wheel
Bacterian - bacteria
Uranai Baba - fortune telling old woman (Baba)
Chindai Ken - Great Pekinese emperor
Chinshyou Ken - Great Show emperor
Grandma Hakkeke - clothe used inside cuffs
Jackie Chun - Jackie Chan
Ikose - pun on ikousei meaning transitional
Kaizoku Robo - Robot Pirate
Maron - chestnut
Papaya Man - a papaya
Karin - Quince. Quince is an apple-like fruit.
Kid Katsu - Katsu meaning cutlet
Kokuou - king
Mai - linen robe

Kakarotto - carrot
Goku - "ku" japanese for sky
Radditz - "raddish"
Goten - "ten" japanese for heaven or afterlife
Nappa - chinese for "cabbage"
Gohan - japanese for "rice"
Bra - women's bras
Pan - pun on "bread"
Trunks - boy's underwear
Vegeta - "vegetable"
Burori - "brocoli"
Taurus - a bull call
Paragus - esparagus
Saibamen - Plant men
- NEW -Bardock (Burdock) - Root

Piccolo - flute
Drum - drum
Nail - pun on "snail"
Cymbol - a cymbol
Dende - japanese for "denden mushi"
Piano - a piano
Tsuno - japanese for "horn"
Tamborine - a tamborine
Kami - japanese for "god"
Kargo - escargo
Slug - a slug

Freezer, Ginyu, Cell, Buu
Bibidi - pun on Cinderalla: bibidibabidibuu
Babidi - same as above
Buu - same as above
Cell - a cell
Cooler - a cooler
Gurudo - "yoguruto" japanese for yogurt
King Cold - cold
Jeice - "cheese"
Freezer - a freezer
Burter - japanese for "butter"
Kui - a chinese fruit
Ginyu - japanese for "milk"
Dodoria - pun on "doria": japanese for tasty dish
Recoome - cream
Zarbon - a japanese fruit
Raspberry - a fruit
Blueberry - again, a fruit
Garlic - Garlic
Garlic Jr. - Same as above
Ginger - spice
Vinegar - vinegar
Nikki - diary; journal
Cashew - a tasty nut

Bubbles - Perhaps a pun on Michael Jackson's monkey??
Lord Enma - devil, ruler of hades
Aqua - water
Catapy - Pun on catapillar
- NEW -Oribu - an olive
Frog - frog

Raisin - a raisin
Bujin - military man
Domma - doma meaning dirt floor
Zangya - pun on zangyaku meaning cruelty
- NEW -Daizu - Soya Bean
Gaseteru - shining gas
Amondo - aamondo meaning almond

- NEW -Misc./GT
Sugoro - child's dice game
Shamoseijin - Shamo meaning game fowl
Bebi - baby
- NEW -Bun - Pun on a type of bread
Kinto cloud - candy cloud (Nimbus)
Tsufurujin - Fruits