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Here are some ways to tell if you are Dragonball/z/gt obsessed!

-You inject gold paint into your veins in hope that when you get mad your hair will turn gold.
- You go throw you Cds around the house while screaming "Distructo Disc".
- You try to power up in the middle of class during an exam.
- While eating you shape mashed potatoes into a picture of Bulma.
- You sing "Rock The Dragon" as you walk/ride to school or work.
- You have more merchandise than Funimation's online store.
- In the middle of a fight you tell the other person that you're going to send   them to the next dimension.
- You wrap a towl around your head and try to act like Piccolo.
- You try to fuse with one of your friends.
- You run down the street claiming you're running on snake way.
- You beg NASA to make you a gravity machine so you can train.
- You try to make your carpet fly like Mr. Popo's.
- You try to make a DragonRadar.
- You cut a limb off so you can regenerate it.
- You kill yourself so you can train with King Kai.
- You dig up your backyard looking for a dragonball.
- You go outside and scream NIMBUS for hoping a flying cloud will come by.
- You draw an M on your forehead.
- You let someone beat you up so you can become stronger.
- You have a monkey named Bubbles.
- You chase insects with a large mallet.
- You can speak Namekian.
- Your Bio teachers askes you to explain cells and you give her a lecture on   how Cell was created.
- You seem to wear nothing but orange shirts with orange pants.
- You walk around randomly posing like the Ginyu Force.
- You've done half the stuff on this list.
- You've spent over $1,000 dollars on DBZ merchandise.
- You wonder why your capsules don't make aircars.
- You go to the beach every day so you can look like Mr. Popo.
- You dye your hair yellow impersonating a super saiyan.
- You seem to scream KAMAHAMEHA at awkward times.
- You go outside at night and stare at the moon hoping to transform.
- You tell your enemy your power level is 5,000,000 to avoid being beat up.
- You don't understand why your Sensu Beans aren't growing in your garden.
- You try to blow up your school with your Final Flash/Big Bang Attack.
- You tend to get those Bulma mood swings alot lately.
- You wear your Dragonball Z boxer shorts everyday.
- You make your own Capsule Corp. T-shirts.
- You actually laugh at King Kai's jokes.
- You actually arrange a worldwide search for dragonballs.
- You wonder what your power level is.
- You often point your finger at things hoping they'll blow up.
- You dream about you and Goku having the ultimate battle.
- While watching it on TV you quote 95% of the episode.
- You seriously consider having a Tenkaichi Boudakai (World Martial Arts   Tournament) in your backyard.
- You have every single DBZ toy made.
- You go for that Krillin bald look.
- You stick twigs down your pants and tell everyone to check out your tail.
- You use the KAIOKEN technique whenever you forget to take your   constipation medicine.